Trojan volleyball

Mark Walters and Derek Kurkoski

Last season ended in heartbreak as the Trojans were one win away from making the playoffs.

After losing a combined 9 players, the Trojans will have to rely on the only returning senior, Carlos Castillo, to step up and to lead them. With very little experience, players like senior Carlos Castillo, junior Christian Mavis, and sophomore Tyler Rushton, will also have to step up and fill big roles.

The GNA Insider interviewed head coach Deborah Gavin about the upcoming season:

What are your expectations for the coming season?

Our team numbers are very low. I have three guys with game experience and six guys who are learning how to play the game. My goal is to quickly make us a skilled, competitive team. I believe that my staff along with Castillo, Mavus, and Rushton can accomplish that goal. 

Who are your key players?

#13 Outside Hitter Carlos Castillo:

Carlos is a well-respected league player who has earned many volleyball awards. He can play any position on the court effectively. Carlos will be our go-to-guy and team leader in every game.

#14 Outside Hitter Christian Mavus:

Christian offers a well balanced offense and defense on the court. We will rely on his experience and quickness to center our match.

#15 Setter Tyler Rushton:

Tyler will do a great job setting for us. He is our quarterback!  Tyler has the skill set and temperament to perform well with our young guys and under pressure in a game. He will be our “Trojan Glue.”