Advanced bio

Eric Jeffries, Student Writer

Advanced Biology is practically all memorization. I have struggled to memorize things my whole life, so at the beginning of the year, I was pretty nervous.

I only put it on my schedule this year because I needed it to be accepted into physical therapy school, and I really was not looking forward to taking it.

Fast forward four months, and I look forward to Advanced Biology every day as one of my favorite classes. I find learning about the various systems that make our bodies work very interesting.

The memorization aspect really doesn’t bother me because human anatomy is something that I will use in my career for the rest of my life.

When I enjoy learning about something, it does not seem like work at all and is a lot of fun. Being my senior year, I can’t help thinking that this will be very similar to my college learning experience. Once I am finished with all of my general education classes and just focused on my major, all of my classes should be extremely interesting. Everything I study for the last few years of my college career will be important information that I will use for the next 40 years of my life. I’m glad that I can start this early in my senior year here at GNA.