GNA Success Stories – Nancy Fine McCullough

Getting to know Nancy Fine McCullough
GNA Success Stories - Nancy Fine McCullough

“I had my son two weeks after my freshman year of college was over. I had the support of my mother to help me return to school the next semester, but I had to work hard. I worked two jobs and utilized systems like county assistance, CHIP, and subsidized child care to help me financially provide for him. I received my degree and started working full time as a therapeutic staff support with children with autism.

While working full time, I attended classes at night to obtain my Master’s Degree in rehabilitation counseling.

This helped me gain employment with a state government agency that provides a good pay and great benefits so I could continue to provide for my family. I have worked for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for 10 years and I am able to connect people with all types of disabilities to resources and services to help them gain independence and employment opportunities that help them better themselves personally, professionally, and financially.

Every year at my job, we have a successful case closure goal. The number varies each year, but for the last ten years, I have helped 20+ people with disabilities, every year, obtain or maintain employment.

It is really hard for some people to get out of poverty and support themselves and their families. My family and I utilized many of those programs and worked hard to not need them anymore. I am now able to help others do this or supplement their current situation to give them a little more financial freedom or gain the necessities they need to function at an optimal level.

I want kids to know that a lot of good things can come from a bad space. Look for the good in every day. Try to focus on the positives in your life as much as possible and help others when you can. It’s alright to feel your feelings, but don’t dwell in them. Don’t let others define you. You make your own choices, both good and bad, but learn from them.”

Nancy Fine McCullough, 2004

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

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