December 2017: movie reviews

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 

1 hr. 53 min.                                                                            

This is a great Christmas movie with an amazing lesson included within the movie. The lesson is even the most heartless people still have feelings. You should respect everyone because you do not know what people are going through or went through. This is my favorite movie because of the lesson held within the movie.


Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) 

1 hr. 53 min.                                                 

This is sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Alice travels back to Wonderland, but this time with a purpose, to save the Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter goes insane due to him past tragedy when he was a boy. In this movie Alice is grown up now, but has a job that no woman in this time period would have; her job is a female-empowerment captain of the Wonder, her father’s ship. Everyone in Wonderland relies on Alice to help Mad Hatter because they all know she could come to his rescue.  

Boss Baby (2017) 

1 hr. 37 min.                                                                                                      

This movie is about a baby that is a secret agent who is very intelligent. This movie shows how your family is a group of people that you can rely on to help you no matter what happens.This is one of my favorite movies because it shows the importance of family.

High School Musical (2006) 

1 hr. 38 min.                                                                          

High School Musical is about a girl, Gabriella,  who moved to East High high school. She changed Troy Bolton’s life when they sing at a New Year’s party. It encouraged them to try out for the school musical and winning the part over Ryan and Sharpay. This has become one of the biggest accomplishments for Troy and Gabriella. Want to know more? Well you will just have to watch the movie yourself.