What is self-esteem, and how do you improve it?
Do better for the sake of yourself.
Do better for the sake of yourself.

Self-esteem is how much we value ourselves. It is how open we are to criticism, acknowledging our and others’ mistakes. It’s how comfortable we are with ourselves and others, and so on. Now, of course, nobody is perfect; everyone has their issues, but you also need to be aware that you absolutely CAN NOT think badly about yourself.

So I will be explaining to you about high and low self-esteem and how to improve it.

High self-esteem
High self-esteem is when confidence comes in. I wouldn’t typically use the word confidence because high self-esteem and confidence are not the same, one can be very confident but still have low self-esteem. You can be/act yourself, you know who you are, you’re not afraid of certain things like taking risks in life, etc. High self-esteem is like hearing criticism of yourself, but it does not affect your perception of yourself. Now, all of this can be amazing to have but there are points where people have too much of it and become overconfident. This can be difficult because then you’ll overestimate things you think you can do, it may be hard to accept failure, and people may not know how to approach you.

Low self-esteem
According to healthdirect, examples of low self-esteem are, joking about yourself in negative ways, criticizing yourself in negative ways, Focusing on the negatives of your life, blaming yourself all of the time, thinking other people are better than you, being upset all the time, and so on. Now, low self-esteem is no joking matter, not everyone takes their self-esteem so seriously. There are so many ways it can affect you. For example, trouble with work, school, and relationships, may start to avoid joining activities, etc.

Ways to improve/make it right
There are a lot of different ways people can improve themself, mostly off of preference but sometimes you need to try out new things.
Some ways are:
-Think about things you CAN change.
-Do things that make you happy or things that can distract you.
-Be around the RIGHT crowd.
-Exercising (can boost your mood).
-Avoid trying to make everything perfect (just don’t slack).
-Don’t be too upset about the mistakes you’ve made, everyone makes mistakes and learns from them.

If you need help, do not hesitate to reach out to a close friend, doctor, or family member. If you need advice:

Head to Health




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Keep in mind that everything is a process and takes time.

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