Marvel Reviews: Part 29

Spoiler-free review of Moon Knight



Moon Knight

Today I will be doing a spoiler-free review of Moon Knight. This show follows a man named Steven Grant, who struggles with a multiple personality disorder, with another personality named Marc Spector. Steven Grant however, doesn’t know about Marc. Whenever Steven goes to sleep, the dangerous mercenary Marc Spector comes out, without Steven knowing. This show was very confusing and there are 2-3 episodes that are all over the place, but not in a bad way. It was very fast-paced and never really slowed down after the first episode. The action scenes are great and very done, but not overused which is very important. They do a very heavy dive into Steven’s past and childhood, which was pretty dark, but excellently delivered. The plot of the movie definitely could have been better as sometimes it seems to stray away. The cinematography for the most part was very good as well. 


The villain in this show was Arthur Harrow, whose main goal is to release an Egyptian god named Ammit. He wants to release her back into the world so she could judge criminals before they even have a chance to commit those crimes. I was not a fan of his whatsoever, and honestly, I thought he was one of the more boring villains Marvel has had. The motives made sense and he was played by a good actor in Ethan Hawke. However, he just never did anything interesting, his dialogue was very tame and stale for a villain, and he just never sparked any interest in me at all. The only other real worthy character to note is Layla, who is Marc Spector’s love interest. She’s a cool character and does her job as the sidekick/love interest, and she does have some very cool moments of her own. Moon Knight is who Marc Spector turns into when he has to fight. Moon Knight is most definitely not a hero and he does fall into that anti-hero category. 


I always rate the Marvel movies and shows and I rate them based on 10 things in the movie. Those things are: action, acting, cinematography, pacing, score, characters, ending, plot, protagonist, and antagonist. I rate all of those pieces 1-10 and then after that, I add up the scores of all 10 of them and get a total score out of 100. I gave this an 84/100, which is just worse than the other show I reviewed, but still my second favorite Marvel show in total. Like I said, the main thing that brings it down is just a very bad villain, and a sometimes scattered plot.