Marvel Reviews: Part 27

Spoiler-free review of Thor: Love and Thunder


Thor: Love and Thunder

Today I will be doing a spoiler-free review of Thor: Love and Thunder. This is easily one of the most disappointing MCU movies ever for me. I was very excited to go see this in the theaters and it was such a bust. The only good things apart of the movie were Thor, Valkyrie, and the villain who I’ll talk about later. Valkyrie is the King of Asgard after Thor left and went into “retirement” but that was soon interrupted. The main issue with this movie is they tried WAY too hard to be funny. There were so many jokes that just were absolute misses and they weren’t hitting at all. The plot was kind of a mess with them focusing on making so many jokes. The love story between Thor and Jane which has been going on since the first movie, got bland by the second film so them focusing so heavily on that as well was also a big miss. 


The villain in this movie is Gorr the God Butcher, who is exactly what his name says. He kills different Gods. Gorr is played by one of the best actors of all time in Christian Bale. His performance is amazing and is truly the best part about the film. The only problem was that I don’t think he got enough screen time, and the movie definitely would’ve benefited from more Gorr in the movie. The action and cinematography was average for the most part, however there was one specific scene where they were on a planet without color. That scene was absolutely amazing and everything about it was perfectly done. It was mostly because they actually took the scene seriously and didn’t do any comedy in it at all. The score of this movie was also pretty good with a few very good songs. 


I always rate the marvel movies and I rate them based on 10 things in the movie. Those things are: action, acting, cinematography, pacing, score, characters, ending, plot, protagonist, and antagonist. I rate all of those pieces 1-10 and then after that, I add up the scores of all 10 of them and get a total score out of 100. I gave this movie a 75/100, and like I said, there are definitely things that bring the score up and make it higher than it probably should be. However, the bad plot and overuse of terrible comedy made this movie a lot worse than it could’ve been.