Marvel Reviews: Part 26

Spoiler-free review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Today I will be doing a spoiler-free review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I thought this was a fun movie that takes place immediately after Spider-Man: No Way Home. I liked Wanda finally turning into the Scarlet Witch and being a horror type of villain. They introduced a new protagonist in America Chavez who is able to travel the multiverse and through different realities. There are a few very cool cameos that take place while America and Doctor Strange are traveling through the multiverse together. While going through the alternate realities Strange comes across evil versions of himself that didn’t get the help that he did in the first movie. I didn’t think this was as good as the first movie, however, I still think it was a more fun movie. There were definitely multiple plot issues that occurred throughout the movie, but the good directing from Sam Raimi did save it. 


As I mentioned before, the villain in this movie is Scarlet Witch. I thought she did an amazing job being just a haunting villain that would stop at nothing to try and get back what she once had in the WandaVision show. The interactions between her and Wong (Strange’s sidekick) were very good and the same goes for whenever she and Strange interacted I was always very interested. I thought the ending was cool to watch but I definitely think it could’ve been done better. They also leave the future of one of the characters up in the air as well. I was a big fan of America Chavez and am really excited to see what is done with her character moving forward. Benedict Cumberbatch also did a phenomenal job playing Doctor Strange, as he’s done in every single movie he’s been in up to this point. 


I always rate the marvel movies and I rate them based on 10 things in the movie. Those things are: action, acting, cinematography, pacing, score, characters, ending, plot, protagonist, and antagonist. I rate all of those pieces 1-10 and then after that, I add up the scores of all 10 of them and get a total score out of 100. I gave this movie a 84/100, and like I said this movie is just a fun time with great characters and pretty good acting. The only thing that brings it down was its lackluster script and subpar cinematography, but still a pretty good movie nonetheless.