GNA Success Stories – Nick Bukofski

Get to know Nick Bukofski

“I believe I was always meant to be a photographer. I started in 2018 by just photographing a few friends’ senior photos. I’ll admit: I didn’t know much. But I did know one thing: I loved art. Art is super interesting to me because it can be anything you want it to be.

Working closely with clients in the field is truly a gift. I continually get to meet new, amazing people and hear their stories; I get just a brief insight into what makes them who they are, and that’s exactly why I love my job. I consider myself a people person, especially on shoots. My mindset is that a shoot is never ever about me. For most, it’s someone’s first time being photographed, so I get it: I take my time to “break the ice” and make a client feel comfortable early on, which allows a person to be themselves, and lets me photograph the best versions of who they are.

At the end of many jobs, the most rewarding feedback is that I have made photography fun and that it was super easy-going. Once I started hearing the same positive feedback, I knew, with the support of my clients and other creatives around me, that I would be able to take my work to the next level, and I did.

I have been photographing for about six years, in total. After building a portfolio as Bukofski Creative and making connections in the creative community, I landed a job as a wedding photographer at Knot Just Any Day in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where I still work daily. Here, I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life. A wedding I will never forget was on a yacht outside of the Statue of Liberty in NYC. Everything about the day was truly incredible; I feel I may have never had an experience like that in my life if it wasn’t for photography. Aside from meeting awesome people and working unique weddings, photography has also landed me in the “Stills/ Behind the Scenes Photographer” position on an INDIE film (still in post production) that was created right here in NEPA.

These experiences made me into who I am today. Choosing to make the leap into full-time photography and essentially following my heart has made my dreams a reality. I am always grateful to those who “pushed me” not to settle for less than the job I have always wanted, and I plan to continually grow my own business and have an absolute blast working among some of my best friends at Knot Just Any Day.”

Nick Bukofski, 2017

Photographer, Knot Just Any Day

& Bukofski Creative