Marvel Reviews: Part 23

Spoiler-free review of Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame

Today I will be doing a spoiler-free review of Avengers: Endgame. This is the biggest Marvel movie of all time and the 2nd biggest movie of all time in general. It is the movie that wraps up everything and ends the Infinity Saga. I do absolutely love this movie as it is hard not to, however, it isn’t the best movie they produced along this journey. The movie follows up on the end of Infinity War and has the biggest cast ever made. All of the original 6 Avengers are in it, along with Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, War Machine, Wanda, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, and The Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie is absolutely stacked from top to bottom and with these great actors comes amazing acting throughout the movie. The action is phenomenal, especially at the end and the cinematography hit on pretty much every spot it needed to as well. 


The villain is still Thanos just like in the last one and he is absolutely amazing once again. He is still the best villain the MCU has ever seen and one of the best villains in any movie ever. I think the plot was also pretty good throughout the movie, however, there are some small things that I didn’t like and thought they could’ve gone a better route. The ending however, is phenomenal and wraps up a lot of these characters’ stories perfectly, along with starting new stories for the up-and-coming characters. The score was very good as well as it is in any Avengers movie. My biggest issue with this movie and what brings it down is the pacing of it. It is a 3-hour movie so obviously some parts are going to be more entertaining than others. However, there are some serious lull parts that I just found a little boring and thought they dragged a bit. 


I always rate the marvel movies and I rate them based on 10 things in the movie. Those things are: action, acting, cinematography, pacing, score, characters, ending, plot, protagonist, and antagonist. I rate all of those pieces 1-10 and then after that, I add up the scores of all 10 of them and get a total score out of 100. I gave this movie a 95/100, which is just slightly lower than Infinity War. Like I said, this movie is truly amazing and the best theater experience of any movie that I’ve been to. It is also a great way to end a lot of these characters and this saga.