GNA Success Stories – Lexi Seery

Get to know Lexi Seery and her incredible story

“I’ve experienced many bumps in my journey. Right back in high school, getting to the right college was a challenge for me. Coming from a disadvantaged school like Nanticoke was difficult, and it was easy to be overlooked by the universities I wanted to go to. I was rejected from about half of the colleges I applied to, even though I was towards the top of my class and was involved in numerous extracurricular activities at Nanticoke. Eventually, I decided I really liked FSU and matriculated down to Florida. My first semester was a struggle; I didn’t know anyone when I got there and forwent my studies to make friends. Because of this, my GPA was way below what I needed it to be if I wanted to make it to medical school. I spent the next three and a half years working to get it back up to “med school worthy” territory. I was rejected from many leadership positions and opportunities that I applied for, but didn’t let it stop me from applying to others. I had to wait an extra year to take my MCAT because I didn’t feel prepared to take it my junior year. This led me to having to take it the summer after my senior year, which forced me to take a gap year. When I submitted my application to medical school, I applied to about 18 schools and was rejected by 16 of them.

However, all of these failures have made me the resilient person I am now. The rejection I faced from colleges in high school led me to the college I really belonged at: FSU. My low GPA in my first semester in college was the “rude awakening” that I needed, and it forced me to work to my full potential during my undergrad. It really made me become an excellent student, and I’m not sure I would have the work ethic I have now if this didn’t happen. The programs that rejected me helped me find the programs that wanted me. The leadership positions and jobs that I worked in during college made me the medical school applicant that I was and the medical professional that I am today. My gap year ended up being one of the best experiences of my life and the knowledge that I learned is invaluable. I am confident that having worked in a nursing assistant position will make me a much better doctor. Lastly, I knew I would be rejected by most of the med schools I applied to; that’s just how the application process goes. But again, hearing that rejection over and over takes a toll on a person. However, I just had to hold out for that one “yes,” and now here I am today, a 2nd year medical student, still learning how to be resilient on the daily.”

Lexi Seery, 2016
Second-Year Med Student, Drexel University College of Medicine
Florida State University Alum, Class of 2020
Future Trauma Surgeon