GNA Success Stories – Shawn Myers

Get to know Shawn Myers, co-founder of Puck Cancer

“All my life, I heard people say nothing good ever comes out of Nanticoke, whether it’s people or career success. I feel I, among many others, broke this barrier.

When my mother passed in 2011 from cancer, I was a wreck. I have never hit rock bottom so hard before, and I had no idea if I’d ever make it back up. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife, had the idea to hold a tribute event in her memory to help me cope. We then decided to donate whatever we raised to the fund that helped us save our home while she was getting treatments. That now has become Puck Cancer. The Summer Festival hosts several bands, a basket raffle with over 100 items, a foot hockey tournament, pull tab tickets, kids’ games, food, beer, and so much more. It’s basically a bazaar on crack.

Puck Cancer’s first year in operation donated $1,400. Now, as of 2023, we’ve donated $45,000 this year alone, $135,000 total, while also becoming a global brand. The funds we donate to the fund benefit everyone, no matter race or creed, rich or poor. The money has helped someone make ends meet, given as little as $10 a month for prescriptions, or allowed someone pay for their mortgage because they were on a fixed income.

I’m currently a Digital Production Specialist at Geisinger, and I’ve worked as a system engineer for Apple. I also own and operate my own marketing agency, 570 Creative. I’ve lead several fundraising efforts for toys, clothes, and other items for children who were victims of fires, such as the fire in Glen Lyon in January of 2022. So for the people who say nothing good ever comes out of Nanticoke, I say look at me. Look at what I’ve been doing for my community.

It’s very easy to get knocked down and stay down. It’s easy to become and stay in a rut mentally. With the right people around you, you can accomplish big things. I am thankful to surround myself with a great partner as well as amazing friends that continue to push Puck Cancer and my other ventures to the next level.

Man, if my mom was around, I think the only thing she’d say is she’s proud. She always was the person to give the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it. Even when she didn’t have a penny to her name, she still found a way to help. I feel like I am doing her justice by giving back to so many.”

Shawn Myers, 2006
Co-Founder, Puck Cancer
Digital Production Specialist, Geisinger
Owner, 570 Creative