F.I.D Days: Cool or Cancel School?


The “Flexible Instruction Day” is the new snow day.

F.I.D. Fun Indoor Day? Filibuster In DaSenate? What does F.I.D even mean?

The “Flexible Instruction Day” is the new snow day. Essentially, a F.I.D is a school attendance measure taken when a student health hindrance occurs, whether that is weather or disease-related. The “FID” was first implemented during the height of COVID to make up for the abysmal amount of days missed due to quarantining. While on FID, the school day takes place virtually, using platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Canvas, etc. Because the school day still ‘technically’ takes place, the school is not required to set a make-up day for said FID day. Hooray!

The concept of a F.I.D. day is generally popular amongst the student body. However, many are opposed to the F.I.D. day. TV killed the Radio Star, and F.I.D. killed the snow day, and to many, that is a tragedy. That being said, I have taken it upon myself to ask the student body what say they. Here is what I have gathered:


“How do you feel about F.I.D?”


“I think that they could use some work. But I appreciate the fact that they don’t take away from our graduation date,” says Student Council President Maura Jenceleski


“(It’s) better than having an extra school day when it’s nice out,” says GNA Sophomore Sophia Gronka


“Love ‘em,” exclaims an enthusiastic Sunni Rae Popovich.


Consensus says FID days are cool! Or does it?


“I HATE THEM! I remember the feeling of relief and elation that would rush through my body when I woke up to white stuff falling from the sky. Now I roll my eyes and open my computer. Lame!” says an anonymous GNA Senior.


I then followed went back to my original interviewees with a follow-up question:

“Is there any part of you that misses the old snow days?”


“Yeah of course because it’s always nice to have a day off but I’m glad that we don’t have to make them up,” adds Cheer Captain Sunni Rae Popovich.


“Duh,” says Sophia Gronka.


To refresh your memory, the old snow days acted as a full school closure. No classes. No teachers. No school. The snow day offered the perfect brain break for students in need of one. Usually, snow days fall on a random weekday, and divide the week perfectly. However, these days were required by PA law to be made up with consolation days in June. Lame. The ultimate eye for an eye situation.

So consensus says that F.I.D. is cool, but consensus also says they miss the old snow days? The great Katy Perry once said, “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.” So what is the deal with FID? I guess we’ll never know. All we know is that it’s here to stay and we all need to welcome it with open arms. Welcome, F.I.D.