ASVAB testing


Pathway to graduation sheet.

Kendall Housenick, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – On January 26th, the ASVAB tests will be held for 11th and 12th grades.

There will be a morning test that starts at 7:45 AM for any students who take the bus and any Tech students. The afternoon test will start at 11:30 AM and will be for walkers and nontech students. The location is TBD until they have a full list. Ms.Nin will be there all day starting Thursday. The last day to sign up will be Tuesday, January 17th. She will be posting on Remind and sending out an all-call to families by the end of the day Thursday!

What is the ASVAB test? The ASVAB is a standardized test that reveals areas of strength and ability in science, math, and language. Taking the test is one of the first steps before you enlist. Once it’s over, you’ll get to find a job that matches your strengths. 

Taking the ASVAB is one of the pathways to graduation you can take if you didn’t pass your keystones. You will have to earn a passing grade on the courses associated with each Keystone Exam and take the ASVAB test to graduate. 

Please see Ms.Nin with any questions