Friendsgiving: Must or bust?



“Friendsgiving” has grown in popularity tenfold.

In recent years, the concept of “Friendsgiving” has grown in popularity tenfold. But what exactly is Friendsgiving?

Well, it’s pretty simple: it is a Thanksgiving gathering for friends. Why? With the rising rate of family dysfunction (relatable), many people miss out on Thanksgiving festivities. Friendsgiving’s purpose is to give a whole new life to the Thanksgiving celebration, breaking the normalities of the holiday in every way possible.

Many Friendsgiving’s have unique characteristics; whether it is a theme, or a special food, or… alcohol (for those that may legally partake in the beverage, of course). And the icing on top of the big fat turkey cake — you enjoy a family holiday with your closest friends. Sounds awesome right? It could be, but like any other holiday gathering, it could also NOT be.

On social media, many users report FLUNK PARTIES. To the surprise of many, friends can also bring drama just like your family, except on a larger scale. No way!!!

Some people treat Friendsgiving as a sequel to their basement Halloween parties — assigning costume themes, food themes, etc. Of course, many bring a competitive spirit to the table (pun intended), and that is not the greatest for a holiday of thanks.

Some people choose to freeload and not contribute at all. And with that comes spite and MORE DRAMA! Gosh, could we just make it through the holidays on good terms?

I also believe that hosting a Friendsgiving also sets the expectation for future holidays, like Christmas, Easter, etc. And what happens when you don’t invite the former group of guests? Drama. Friendsgiving. Must or Bust?