NHS Food Drive



NHS Food drive to be held December 5-9

GNA CAMPUS – With the holidays approaching, many food drives will run out of food supplies to give to needy families. In order to help ease the demand, the GNA National Honor Society will be hosting a district-wide food drive between December 5th and December 9th. The collected items will supply the school’s food pantry and the food distribution at St. Faustina’s church.

Items will be collected in homerooms, and homerooms across the district will be competing on who can bring in the most food for the cause. Regular cans and ramen noodles will be worth one point, while peanut butter, jelly, and boxed items will be worth 2 points each. There will be one winning homeroom per school building, and winning homerooms will receive prizes.

Overall, the holidays will always be a crucial time for food pantries. These are among the highest time for people in need, and the GNA student body is trying to help local food banks in any way we can. In order for this collection to be successful, every student is encouraged to bring what they can. No donation is too small and every contribution counts.