Chem II chalk lab impacts student body

The Chemistry 2 class inspires the student body with encouraging chalk art.

GNA CAMUPS – On October 28, the Chemistry 2 class at GNA  inspired the student body by leaving messages in chalk on the sidewalk outside of the school.

They did this as part of a lab, where they were practicing the hands-on application of stoichiometry, the measure of molecules present both before and after a chemical reaction. In the classroom, the students calculated the moles and molecules of chalk required to write their names on the chalkboard.

Then, they took their project outside to create messages of encouragement and school pride. They wrote positive messages and artwork on the sidewalk outside of the school. Ms. Kingsbury, the teacher leading this project, says, “I’d like to think that we were able to put a smile on a few faces with our art and perhaps our encouragement meant even a little more to some. ”

Overall, the Chem 2 class left a positive impact on the school and the student body at GNA.