Marvel Reviews: Part 4

Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 spoiler free review

Camden Keener, Student Writer

Today I will be doing a spoiler-free review of Iron Man 2. This is a fun movie but does fall a bit short of the first one. This definitely has more action than the first, but I feel like some of the action scenes weren’t as good or entertaining. The cinematography was still very good and they used it in spots they needed but didn’t overuse it. Robert Downey Jr. once again plays Iron Man/Tony Stark perfectly. Don Cheadle plays James Roades who is a close friend of Iron Man who works with the military. 

The villain in this movie is Whiplash who is out for revenge for his father on Iron Man. Whiplash definitely looks cool and his whips are very unique and interesting; however, I still did not care about him at all during this. I thought besides his powers, he was just another bland and basic villain. More of this movie deals with the military and James Rhoades trying to get Tony to give his super suits and technology to the military. However, Tony is reluctant to do so because he’s afraid that they could fall into the wrong hands. Tony’s and Pepper’s relationship is also visited and talked about a lot more in this one. 

I always rate the marvel movies and I rate them based on 10 things in the movie. Those things are action, acting, cinematography, pacing, score, characters, ending, plot, protagonist, and antagonist. I rate all of those pieces 1-10  and then after that, I add up the scores of all 10 of them and get a total score out of 100. For me, Iron Man 2 gets a 66/100 and the acting, cinematography, characters, score, and protagonist definitely carry the movie and are what brings the movie up the most. However, the pacing and antagonist were pretty bad I think. The plot and ending weren’t great either but weren’t as bad.