Johnny Depp wins defamation case

HOLLYWOOD – After a long legal battle, Johnny Depp has finally proven his ex-wife wrong. Johnny is however forever scarred by his acting career. Ever since the accusations made against him, he no longer is getting roles in films. This includes his beloved franchise ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean in which Johnny starred in the various films playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

Yesterday the Jury had decided they’d heard enough from Amber Heard and ruled in favor of Johnny Depp. Amber is the ex-wife of Johnny. Johnny sued Amber for defamation for over 50 million dollars. This was to pay for any damages that she may have caused to his career. Soon after, Amber turned around suing Johnny this time for over 100 million!

Disney hearing about the accusations decided to not put Johnny in any new films in the future. Hopefully, that changes as this is unfair to him since he is a very high profile actor. If one thing is for sure, Johnny sure had the better legal team as Amber’s team had no clue what they were doing the entire time and seemed like rookies compared to seasoned veterans.

Johnny’s fans hope that he’ll get his acting career back since this whole thing is now done and over with. One day he probably will but that day remains yet to be seen.