RUMORED: 2022 PIAA Shot Clock

Will a shot clock be added to high school basketball in PA?

Will a shot clock be added to high school basketball in PA?

Emily Eisenhauer, Student Writer

It has been rumored that the PIAA had released the thought of adding an infamous shot clock to high school basketball games in Pennsylvania. These shot clocks have already been incorporated into the game within 8 states, those consisting of, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Washington. Will Pennsylvania be next?

A shot clock is a tool used in some high school and all professional league basketball games. In other words, it is also known as a “countdown timer” and it’s pretty versatile, being used in a variety of games and or sports, providing a set amount of time that a team may possess the object of play before attempting to score a goal. Shot clocks are used in several sports including basketball, water polo, lacrosse, poker, ringette, snooker, korfball, ten-pin bowling, and more. It was founded by Danny Biasone in 1954.

570 sports, a well-known organization within the 570 area code has released the following statement …

“The PIAA Basketball Steering Committee is
requesting each PIAA member school to fill
out the following survey about the potential
implementation of a shot clock in basketball
(One survey per member school).
Last year the NFHS adopted rule 2-14 to the
Basketball Rule Book which allows state
associations to adopt a 35-second shot clock
in the sport of basketball.
Please understand that no action has been
taken by the Board of Directors, this survey is
being conducted by the PIAA Basketball
Steering Committee for informational

Please note as only one form shall be filled out per
school, we encourage discussions with those who
the decision will affect in our school (Ex.
Athletic Director, Coaches, Principals.”

You can access this form through the 570 Instagram page @570sportsshow and @570sportsshow on Twitter.