Penny War


Kamea Paresa, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Students at Greater Nanticoke Area School District have acknowledged the Russian invasion of Ukraine and have decided to take action.

A fundraiser was created in order to take part in helping out this tragic worldwide issue. In order to raise these funds, students have assembled a fun competition between homerooms to raise the money needed to help out children in Ukraine.

1, 2, 3, 4

NHS declares a penny war!

Monday, April 25 – Friday, April 29

Rules: Each Homeroom has its own jar for collecting money. Homerooms can gain points by adding pennies or dollar bills to their class jar. You can also lower other homerooms’ totals by adding silver coins to their jar.

Prize: The homeroom with the most points will be rewarded during the next activity period.


Pennies +1 point

$1 +100 points


Nickels -5 points

Dimes -10 points

Quarters -25 points

*All proceeds will be donated through UNICEF USA to help aid children in Ukraine.