April Fool’s Day

Have you ever wondered how this day became a day full of pranks? Who came up with the idea? Why did this day become so full of practical jokes?

Here is the Origin of how April 1st became April Fool’s Day.

On the day of April 1st, 1700, The English pranksters decided to popularize the annual tradition of April fools, which started at first by playing practical jokes on each other. But, even though this day known as ‘April Fools” has been celebrated for more than 7 centuries by different cultures, its known origin is still a mystery.

In modern times, people have gone to the extent to create elaborate April Fool’s day hoaxes, where newspapers, radio,  TV, and websites were even involved to support the craziest fictional claims that fooled a lot of people. One of these crazy hoaxes was that Taco Bell duped people into thinking they were going to buy a Philadelphia liberty bell and intend to rename it the Taco liberty bell! Funny, right?

Another hoax was in 1992, when National public radio tricked people saying former president Richard Nixon saying he was running for president again only to find out it was a paid actor.

Overall, April Fool’s Day has become a day of pranks and laughs. So, don’t be fooled next April 1st.