SZNZ: Spring – Weezer

Gabriel Josefowicz , Student Writer

This past week on March 20, 2022, the 79th day of the year, also known as the spring equinox, Weezer released their newest EP “SZNZ: Spring.” Their first EP of four is coming out this year.

Since their debut album in 1994, Weezer has sold over 10 million albums in the U.S., and over 35 million records worldwide.

The catalog has included such as “Buddy Holly,” “Undone (The Sweater Song),” “Say It Ain’t So,” “El Scorcho,” “Hash Pipe,” “Island In The Sun,” “Beverly Hills,” and “Pork And Beans” amongst many, many more. 

This year, Weezer intends to release an EP for every season. “SZNZ: Spring” is a very promising start to the trilogy. Each EP will be released on the first day of each seasonal solstice, and each will have its own motif and production style based on its corresponding season.