In memory of Arionna Merrick 

Jayna Gregory, Student Writer

Arionna Merrick, a senior at GNA, was a strong, talented, and beautiful young soul who sadly passed away on December 30. She attended the Greater Nanticoke School District her entire life. Apart from school, she was a member of the soccer team, enjoyed writing music, crafting jewelry, and loved to be with her friends. 


Friends of hers got together and said some kind things in remembrance of her:


Arionna was an amazing friend. She always puts others before herself. I am so grateful I got the chance to call her a best friend. I’ll hold the memories I made with her forever.” ~ Jayna Gregory 


“Arionna was a bright and amazing person. She always knew how to put the biggest smile on your face. I am forever grateful for the friendship and memories I created with her.” ~ Emma Thomas

“Arionna was one of the sweetest, funniest, most beautiful people I’ve ever met. She was so caring and put everyone she loved first no matter what. I’m so thankful that she was such a big part of my life and that I got to experience a friendship with her.” ~ Chloe Peters


“Arionna always had the biggest smile on her face and was always laughing. I am beyond grateful for the time and memories that we shared together and I will forever cherish them. She had the biggest heart and the most amazing laugh, I will forever miss her.” ~ Savannah Atkins


“Arionna’s laugh, smile, and sense of humor stood out. One of the best laughs this year took place in class and it was completely unscripted and spontaneous. Arionna was so funny that day and the answer to every question was George Merrick. All involved are probably smiling right now reflecting on that day.” ~ Ryan Stetz


Arionna was a sweet loving person. She loved to be with her friends and always go out. we will keep her beautiful soul in our hearts forever and ever” ~ Rachel Yarosh 


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