MLB Lockout: An update

Aiden Ball, Student Writer

MLB- Today marks the day that the owners set as a deadline to reach a new deal. Since my last article, we do have some movement but not very much to update on. Here’s what’s new: There has been some progress as the Players Union and the MLB have made some compromises ahead of today’s deadline. 

This deadline was never agreed upon by the union and was rather imposed by the league and the greedy owners just like the lockout over almost 3 months ago. The deadline means if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached by today, the MLB will start canceling regular-season games thus shortening the season drastically. However, if MLB does this it will lead to a total loss of revenue and fans of the game of baseball. 

My opinion: Come to deal already and stop being so greedy about money and just play baseball. I’m not the only one that thinks this as many fans of the game have voiced their opinions on this very topic throughout the past few months since last season ended in 2021. If a deal is reached by today or in the coming days to even weeks (hopefully not weeks), I will write up yet another update.