The Men in Black Conspiracy

According to UFO culture and conspiracy theories, the Men in Black are a mysterious evil organization to suppress public knowledge of alien visitation. Although they have become less popular, which is due to the modern Men in Black image being that of a positive connotation. Especially since the film of the same name came out in recent years, Men In Black are said to be related to other organizations such as Majestic 12 and the New World Order. Their main goal in every incarnation is to suppress the public knowledge of alien visitation.


Some people believe that the Men in Black are aliens in disguise who arrive in order to attempt to cover up their own tracks. This often claim can be a potential valid explanation to why the Men in Black show little to no humanoid emotion. As well as their common ability to appear and vanish from the homes of whom they target. 


Some believe that the Men in Black are machines akin to androids or humanoid robots, which is often another explanation of their lack of human emotions, as well as their sometimes-strange mannerisms. However, the likelihood of a human organization utilizing such advanced technologies, even in our modern world, is somewhat unlikely, and is even more remote, considering Men in Black sightings tend to date back as early as the 1950s. Unless of course, you believe in an alternate history, then we’re talking a different story. 

Government Officials/ Conspirators 

By far the most believable and popular conception of the is that the Men in Black are either government officials or conspirators that are sent to the homes of individuals that are deemed as being a threat to the New World Order. This would explain why the Men in Black involve them threatening people rather than causing them any physical harm. 

Encounters and Threats 

Only a few have come to encounter the Men in Black if they have seen or studied UFOs or cryptids linked to UFOs. They threaten them, saying that if they tell more than what they saw, they will either arrest them or make them disappear. Ufologists also claimed that their studies were either destroyed or deleted by the Men in Black. It is possible that they are hackers and are able to break into people’s houses without leaving a single trace. They also keep their eyes on them and listen to their phone lines.