GNA’s Got Talent: Kelly Grevera


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Kelly has been dancing since she was five years old.

Sunni Popovich , Student Writer

GNA Campus –  At Greater Nanticoke Area, a large percentage of the student body has been gifted with many amazing talents. One of them, Kelly Grevera, a junior, is a super-talented and accomplished dancer. She spends most of her time practicing and dancing. Kelly’s goal is to inspire those around her as she has fun doing it.

The GNA Insider caught up with Kelly Grevera and asked her some questions about her dancing skills:

How long have you been dancing? 

I have been dancing for 11 years now – since I was 5 years old. 


What do you enjoy the most about dancing and why?

I enjoy dancing because it has given me many experiences and has taught me to express myself.  Dance feels good on my body and is a form of expression and self-care. I have always been shy growing up but dance has allowed me to come out of my shell and express my emotions. 


 Is there a dance that you enjoy doing the most? 

I train in so many different styles that it is difficult to choose just one. These include ballet, pointe,  jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, and modern.  However, my favorite style would have to be contemporary


What academy do you dance at? 

I currently train at the David Blight School of Dance in Wilkes Barre. Outside of my home studio, I dance with Wilkes University and I tour with the dance convention Artists Simply Human. 


What are some of the dance competitions you have taken part in, and where were they located? Has dance allowed you to travel and experience different things? 

I have participated in many dance competitions/intensives growing up such as ASH, Starpower, and Commercial Dance Intensive (to name a few). Many of them are local while others are across the country. This past year I have been touring with the dance convention, Artists Simply Human, to train with the top choreographers in the industry from around the world.  The conventions took place in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  Dance has given me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the country and also experience so many different places. 


How much time and practice do you spend on dancing?  

I spend about 5-6 days a week training at my local studio. I dance train four days a week from 3-8 pm on a normal day. However, my schedule changes due to extra rehearsals and classes. Some days I start as early as 6 am or as late as 11 pm. At Wilkes University, I train two days a week.  On some weekends I travel to dance conventions, competitions. or rehearsals.  Conventions are as long as 6-12 hours a day. However, this doesn’t include my training at home. 


Is dance something you would want to continue to do as you get older? 

Yes, dance is something that I would like to continue as I get older. I am currently searching for colleges with the best dance programs in the country.  I am hoping to become a professional dancer and live out my dream in the big city. Whether I am dancing on Broadway, a cruise ship, or as a backup dancer I will be happy to live out my dream.  Even after my career as a dancer is over, I am still planning to choreograph and train younger dancers. 


What advice would you give to someone who was considering taking up dancing? 

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much training you have.  You are never too old to start dancing whether you want to become a professional or want to do it as a hobby. Dance is supposed to feel good on your body and allow you to express yourself.  If you want to dance, start now.  Don’t be afraid of failure because that is the only thing holding you back.  Even if you aren’t training at a studio, dance is a great tool for self-care. Although it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional, I have known many people who haven’t started dancing until after college.  If you are thinking about taking up dancing just go for it, enjoy what you do, and don’t be afraid to fail.