Top 10 Christmas traditions

Common traditions of the holidays.

Common traditions of the holidays.

Shaniyah Taylor, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Christmas is right around the corner. It’s time to get together with family and friends and host your favorite holiday traditions.

Many people partake in Christmas traditions to celebrate the holidays and to find fun and interesting ways to enjoy the company of others during this spirited time. Listed below are the 10 top Christmas traditions to try this year.

Drink Egg Nog

Drinking egg nog embraces the Christmas feel since it is made with vanilla, cinnamon, and other end of the year inspired ingredients.

Leave Milk and Cookies for Santa

Leaving milk and cookies out for Santa is mainly for the kids. You want the kids to believe as much as possible that Santa is coming. After the kids go to bed, take a bite of the cookie and drink the milk so those childrens’ faces light up knowing Santa was in the house.

Build a Gingerbread House

Building a Gingerbread house is a great tradition because it gives you the chance to create your version of what a festive Christmas decorated home looks like – that you can also eat and enjoy.

Watch a Christmas Movie

Watching a Christmas movie is one of the most important Christmas traditions because it can’t officially be Christmas without you watching a classic. It gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Put up and decorate a Christmas tree

Putting up and decorating a Christmas tree is the main part of the holidays. You need a place to put the presents and there’s no better place than underneath the tree.

Have Christmas Dinner

Having a Christmas dinner concludes Christmas day. There’s no better way to end a good Christmas Day than a dinner with family and friends.

Have a Christmas Breakfast

Having a Christmas breakfast is important because it’s the first time in a year that a family sits together for breakfast.

Dress up your pet

Dressing up your pet is a special thing to do because you should include your pets in your Christmas festivities.

Build a snowman

Nothing is better than playing in the snow with your family and having a snowman-building contest.

Make hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is best to have on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because a hot treat on a special holiday with the family is a best kick start to a festive day.