Trojan spirit: Kris Seiwell


Matt Bufano (Citizens' Voice)

Mark Walters, Student Writer

According to, spirit is defined as, “the non-physical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.”

Spirit is a character trait that many people claim to have but few actually possess. Spirit is something that is within a person and enables them to stand when others crawl. Spirit allows some to forge through the setbacks of life with a new attitude while others, who lack spirit, displace anger and blame others and society for their misfortune.

On October 18, the GNA football team hosted senior night. Senior night is the last home game for seniors, but it is much more than a game. The night is dedicated to the players who have sacrificed themselves for their school, some giving many years to the Nanticoke football program. It’s also dedicated to the families of the players who have sacrificed just as much, if not more, than the seniors themselves. It’s a time to laugh, joke, smile, reminisce, and most of all, to enjoy the moment. For one Nanticoke senior, Kris Seiwell, it was a night of emotions too explosive for words. Kris’s mom, Kristie Jo Seiwell, passed away two days prior to senior night.

Kristie Jo Seiwell was just 44. Her battle with cancer ended, but her legacy was honored on senior night when her son, Kris, stepped onto the field to play his final home game. Kris knew he had no choice but to honor her memory by doing what he loved. Though Kristie Jo Seiwell was not in attendance that night, her spirit was felt by all who were present.

Before the game began, Holy Redeemer made a heartwarming gesture by giving Kris a signed football by the entire Redemmer team, reminding Kris that not only his family, friends, and teammates were there for him, but the whole community was there for him as well.

Demonstrating his true Trojan spirit, Kris put aside all fears and played in honor of his mom. 

In the final quarter, with approximately two minutes left, something happened that will remain etched in the minds of all those who were in attendance. Head coach Ron Bruza put Kris, whose normal position was on the offensive line, into the backfield. The next play, Seiwell took the handoff from the quarterback, darted left, then sprinted eight yards into the endzone for a touchdown. It was a special moment for him and for his family. Seconds later, the team ran out on the field to lend their support for him.

The team captain led his Trojans to a 57-14 victory over Holy Redeemer that night, but the outcome of the game meant little compared to the spirit shown by senior Kris Seiwell.

The following week the Trojans faced a win or go home scenario against Hanover. Once again, Seiwell stepped up and led the Trojans to a  44-0 win, leading the Trojans to the Eastern Conference playoffs, where the Trojans ran passed Holy Redeemer once again with a score of 58-12. With that victory, the Trojans clinched the Eastern Conference Championship. 

Kris Seiwell’s leadership, passion, dedication, and spirit was put on display during his senior football season. He showed each of us the true power of determination.