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Shaniyah Taylor, Student Writer

So, you finished yet another really good show on Netflix? That’s why you’re here, huh? Regardless of why you’re here, I have some news for you. Coming from a binge-watcher, I know it’s sometimes hard to find entertaining shows to watch on Netflix. You hear about a show that everyone is watching, and you want to hop on the bandwagon and binge-watch it for the rest of the night, but for some reason, you just can’t get into it. Well, great choice coming here because I have a list of shows on Netflix you should check out.


38 episodes

Atypical is a comedy and drama about an autistic teenager, Sam, who wants romance in his life and wants to do things on his own without his family treating him like he can’t. Follow Sam’s Journey of becoming independent and proving to everyone that he can do the things everyone else does. This is a great show to understand what an autistic person goes through a day.


20 episodes

YOU is a thriller about the point of view of an obsessive-compulsive man, Joe, that is willing to take extreme measures to be involved in the life of the girl he falls for. He will do anything, no matter what problems it causes or what obstacles are in his way, he’ll get through it and will never get caught. Watch to find out what happens when Joe meets his match. This show is good for people who like to watch things unfold from the characters’ innermost thoughts and also for people who enjoy a good mystery. In addition to that, for the people who watch it and ends up liking it, there’s a new season coming out, October 15th, with a lot more twists and turns.




All American

51 episodes

All American is a sports drama show about a teenager, Spencer James, who gets recruited to play for a Beverly hills school for his football career. After some convincing from his family, he ends up going to play for him but had to leave behind his old football team. Once he gets there his whole world changes. Watch to follow Spencer’s journey and see how leaving South Crenshaw was the worst, but also the best decision.





32 episodes

Elite is a drama about the less fortunate kids getting enrolled in a private school where the wealthy kids attend. Many of them found love, some found hatred. In addition to that, the relationships between them led to many deaths. This show is mainly good for people who like going through the ups and downs of emotions throughout the characters. Tune in to Elite to uncover their secrets that’ll leave you skeptical or in disbelief.


The Society

10 episodes

Imagine getting on a school bus for a school trip. You say goodbye to your families and leave. You realize the bus driver

is acting a bit strange, but you don’t think much of it and you end up falling asleep. You and other students get to this place that looks exactly like your hometown, but there are no parents and no rules. Of course, it seems like the best thing in the world, but in this show for these kids, the best thing turned into the worst. Watch The Society to find out what happened after they got “home.”


The 100

100 episodes

The 100 is a sci-fi about people from space who sent their kids down to Earth to see if it was safe for them to live there again after the apocalypse that happened years ago. When the kids got on Earth they had no parents and no rules, so they made the best of it. That was until they found out there were a lot of survivors who didn’t want them there. Watch to find out how their life in space was different from their life on Earth and the sacrifices they had to make to stay safe.




Good Girls

34 episodes

Good girls is a drama about mothers who are going through financial problems and want better for their kids. So, they robbed grocery stores, joined a dangerous crowd of people to sell bad things to get money in return, and manipulated other moms into getting some out of them. Everything was going great; they didn’t get caught and were being careful until their husbands found out about what they were involved in. Watch Good girls to see how their dirty business went from good to bad real fast.



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