Are you interested in becoming a class officer?


Campaign posters adorned the hallways of GNA last school year

The GNA Insider Staff

GREATER NANTICOKE AREA HIGH SCHOOL- Everyone is looking to build their resume in hopes of making themselves more marketable to colleges, universities, the military, and the work-force. What better way to boost your resume than becoming a class officer?

A class officer is one who leads by example. A class officer personifies school spirit and advocates on behalf of his or her class. The responsibilities vary depending on which class you represent. For instance, a senior class president will have more tasks to complete than a sophomore class president. Either way, each representative has an important role to play and can help pave the way for a successful school year.

If you are interested in running, please see a class advisor immediately in order to receive the details of what it takes to successfully run for office. If you meet all the qualifications and are willing to adhere to the election rules, you can begin campaigning with permission from a class advisor.