Nature’s healing

Myla Vnuk, Guest Writer

As we all know, COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has had a negative impact on the entire world. It spread rapidly all across the globe and has caused everyone to stay home and be put in self-isolation. People staying home for long periods of time, businesses closing temporarily, and transportation being put on hold are all obstructive things that are affecting our daily lives. Even though this is all hard to deal with, there are positive things that are happening because of this, one of them is that nature is healing.

Transportation is one of the main causes of pollution because of the degradation of air quality. Since transportation has been put to a stop for a while in many countries, the amount of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide have dropped 40 percent, improving the air quality. This reduces the risks of asthma, heart attacks, and other lung diseases. People with allergies and asthma can breathe easier with fewer particles such as smoke, dirt, and dust particles flowing in the air from pollution.  Cleaner air also gives people more energy to be active. 

Animals, plants, and even the earth itself is living in peace at this time. There is actually less rumbling happening in the world since isolation. With highly populated cities with busy streets being practically empty now, seismologists have observed a lot less seismic noise. People have been using buses, trains, and cars less than ever. Since the halt on transportation, the earth’s crust is moving less. Scientists are now able to record smaller earthquakes and other seismic events. Peace is also the same in the ocean with animals in the water.

The earth being cleaner and less pollution in the air shouldn’t be something that happens when people all over the world get cut from their jobs. This should be a wake-up call for what has been happening to nature around the world. This virus has had many negative impacts on the world, but if we all try to see the brighter side of things, we could come out of this pandemic with a new outlook on things we’ve never seen before.

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