Top 10 gifts to get your significant other

Ashlyn Prezkop and Kayla Eckrote



Christmas time is rapidly approaching, so it is crucial that everyone buys a gift for that special someone in their life. Gift giving is a Christmas tradition that dates back to the birth of Jesus Christ, when presents were given to him by the wise men. Since then, it has become customary to buy presents for the important people in one’s life. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find a present that someone will enjoy. 

Since it is not pleasant to receive a present and dislike it, below is a helpful list of the top ten things to buy for a wife or girlfriend:

10. A surprise vacation

9. Makeup or a makeup mirror

8. Pandora bracelet and charms

7. Monogrammed necklace

6. Scarves and sweaters

5. Desk and room decor

4. A manicure or pedicure

3. Shadowbox or letter board

2. Promise ring (or an engagement ring)

1. Sentimental things (a photo album)

Of course, it is also very difficult to shop for a boyfriend or husband. This next list will hopefully help with the struggle that comes with selecting a present for them:

10. Phone case

9. A watch

8. Shoes

7. Sweatshirts

6. Cologne

5. Headphones

4. Sunglasses

3. Personalized money clips

2. A wallet

1. Thoughtful gifts that come from the heart

Christmas is all about joy and happiness, and when someone receives the perfect gift, they experience those wonderful feelings. When thinking of what to buy someone for this special day, use this list to help find a gift that they will truly love. 

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