GNA Blood Drive 2019

Emily Cullen, Student Writer



GNA CAMPUS- On November 25th, Greater Nanticoke Area held its annual blood drive at the high school.

Students who participated in the blood drive explained why they donated and also explained the experience as a whole. Chris Shon, a senior, stated, “it’s great giving blood because just the feeling of helping those people makes you feel really good.”

While many students, faculty, and staff donated, others helped out by attending to patients and gaining experience that may help them in future endeavors. Alison Keener, a sophomore who helped out during the drive, explained: “It introduces students to what it would be like in the medical field.”

Myla Vnuk, a sophomore, said “Working at the blood drive gave us an experience of being around phlebotomists and showed us what they do. We got to see how the blood gets taken from the donor, and how it gets packaged and separated into samples to get tested.”

Overall, the 2019 blood drive was a success. Saving lives while learning in the process makes for an experience that will last a lifetime.