Sisters help lead the way


Emily Cullen, student writer



GNA  CAMPUS- Three straight years Nanticoke Area has reigned atop District 2 class AAA volleyball.

Due to the loss of numerous key seniors on last year’s team, many new players had to step up. For the 2019-2020 season, each player had an impact on the success of the team. The strongest component of this year’s team was, however, its bond, and the uniqueness of this bond came from two sets of sisters who aided the Trojanettes in their success.

Senior Mandy Beihl has played sports with her sister, Brooklyn, ever since she was little, which has built up an unbreakable bond between them. Together, they have played volleyball, basketball, and track and field. It wasn’t until Brooklyn’s freshmen year that they played on an elite level in games together. Mandy explained her friendship on and off the floor with her sister. “The friendship I have made with my sister is very strong; we will always be there for each other and we will always have one another’s back,” said Mandy. Having two sets of sisters on the team “makes it easier to help each other and it helps us instinctively react during games” says Mandy. Her sister, Brooklyn, said they have a “very strong and close bond, giving them an advantage because it makes it easier to talk to each other on the floor.”

Abigail and Emily Cullen, also sisters on the team, are in fact, twins. They too have played volleyball, basketball and track and field together since they were young. Having each other on the floor is like “having your best friend on the floor. It makes it a lot easier to communicate and we both know what we are capable of,” said Abigail. Emily agrees. “It is extremely enjoyable playing with my sister. We rely on each other and can count on one another in times of triumph and defeat.”

Coach Debby Gavin, the Trojantte Volleyball coach, stated, “At first I thought it would be difficult coaching sisters. I had questions. How would they react to one in a starting position? How do they react to constructive criticism?” Coach Gavin quickly found out that coaching these sisters was much easier than she anticipated.

“Team chemistry matters! Trying to get six players on the court to agree on a winning mindset can be challenging, but the sisters bring energy to the court as individual players. They try to take their game to the next level each time they play and contribute to the team by giving 100%. This rubs off on the entire team.”

Though the Trojanette Volleyball season has come to a close, the future is certainly bright. The bond that was built will continue into the next season. Mandy and Brooklyn Beihl and Abigail and Emily Cullen will certainly help lead the way.