Spanish and French Honor Society induction



On Wednesday, May 15, 44 students gathered inside the auditorium of Greater Nanticoke Area in order to celebrate their hard work in their Spanish class or French class. These students had the opportunity to be inducted into foreign language honor society that corresponded with what class they had taken.

The students who were inducted for the first time in their sophomore year, or their last time as a senior, worked extremely hard all year round in order to keep their average as a 94 or higher in their classes.

For those who are inducted into these societies, they will need to complete a certain amount of hours doing community service, half of which will need to be with their classes for their society. The other half of the hours can be fulfilled by completing any task around the community, such as helping out at a church, bagging groceries in a fundraiser, etc. Another way that they can earn hours is by coming up with a project that can be done throughout the schools and finding a way for it to bring about a positive change within the community.

Congratulations to all those new inductees!