Nanticoke students visit State Capitol

Representative Gerald Mullery's multi-school program for invested students had a chance to see government in action.


Harrisburg PA Staff

Gabe Jenceleksi, Student Writer



State Representative Gerald Mullery’s student-driven Youth Advisory Council had the chance to visit the Capitol complex in Harrisburg Pennsylvania on Tuesday, May 14th, and be privy to the due process of legislation from the eyes of local representatives and senators. Students from Nanticoke Area, Hanover, Holy Redeemer, Crestwood, MMI, and Wyoming Valley West spent the day meeting with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Tom Wolf and John Fetterman, respectively.

Throughout the day, Representative Mullery led students through a committee meeting through the House of Representatives, introduced and spoke with the Lieutenant Governor in his office complex, as well as host a photo and interview session with Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Wolf and his staff. In addition to watching the Game and Fishery Committee pass forward a new bill into legislation, the Youth Advisory Council was invited to attend the opening segment of Tuesday’s House of Representatives morning session, being acknowledged by the Speaker of the House, and welcomed by the general assembly.

In the morning, students were given the opportunity to be privy to the forwarding of House Bill #1180, and #1320, which were accepted by the Game and Fish Committee, of which Representative Mullery is the Vice Chairperson. After watching a full vote session on both Bills, students were introduced to several across-state Reps., including Representative Ed Neilson, from Philadelphia.

After meeting with the Governor’s office, the group was invited to make the opening remarks of the House Session and were honored as guests on the Representative floor, following recognition by Rep. Mullery, and House Speaker, Michael Coyne Turzai. The Youth Advisory Council was also accompanied as guests by student journalists from across the state, as well as corporate ambassadors from overseas countries.

Representative Gerald Mullery’s Youth Advisory Council is looking to induct new members in the near future, as the senior group members approach graduation. Students were chaperoned by his personal assistant, Cody Forgach.

photo by Harrisburg PA Staff