GNA participates in stock market challenge




On May 9, students from Mr. Stetz’s U.S Government class went to Misericordia University to participate in a stock market challenge.

The stock market challenge is a game which is played online, allowing students to buy and trade with companies on a stock market in a representation of real-world claims on businesses. This allows students to interact with a diversity of other entrepreneurial minds and to compete in a manner which encourages making new friends. Participating in such events can help students in the future when financing and rational choices begin to play an important role in their lives.

The pupils of Nanticoke, along with classes from other local high schools, participated in the enjoyable challenger, indulging in a provided lunch and receiving certificates in the process. The event taught students that the economic world is one of both gains and losses, and that, while working in the stock market—both in simulation and in real life—is not easy, hard work and sound thinking are great steps towards improving one’s viability and capability on the financial frontier.