New Spanish trip destination for 2020



In order to try and make some students come out of their comfort zones, Mrs. Kelchner and Mrs. Iagnemma have decided to change the 2020 destination of the annual Spanish trip to Costa Rica. They have decided to change this trip due to the fact that this trip is cheaper than Hawaii and is more adventurous as a whole.

The trip change came as a surprise to the students as a whole, but many are happy with the change since it gives them a better chance at being able to travel due to the significant dip in the price. The new trip is also longer than the trip to Hawaii, seeing as this trip will be 10 days in total compared to the five days they would have spent in Hawaii. Within the itinerary, students get to see the many different adventurous activities they will be able to do.

Some of the many adventures they will be able to undertake are zip lining through a cloud forest, visiting a local school in Costa Rice, visiting a volcano and the hot springs surrounding the volcano, visiting a biological reserve where the students will be planting their own tree, go on a horseback ride, go whitewater rafting and many more things. Going on this trip could be an eye-opener due to the fact that they might try something that gives them anxiety, and they could have the chance to get over this fear in an incredible way.

Both Mrs. Kelchner and Mrs. Iagnemma hope to see students come on this trip and have the once in a lifetime experience with their friends while doing some things they might not normally do.

If anyone is interested in going on this amazing adventure, please speak with Mrs. Kelchner or Mrs. Iagnemma, or send an email to them about any questions you might have!