Fine Arts Fiesta poster contest



The Fine Arts Fiesta is where students and adults can display and sell their artwork in hopes to get noticed. GNA had a winner in the poster designing contest, sophomore, Priscilla Machicote.

The GNA Insider had the chance to interview Priscilla:

What was the process to get your artwork nominated for the Fine Arts Fiesta posters?

To get my poster nominated, I first had to come up with the idea of the poster. Trying to think about what you want to create is one of the hardest things to do in any form of art. I then had to make the poster and make sure it met the requirements such as the number of colors I could use, size, and the topics. Then after putting my idea together and creating the Poster, I had to wait and see if I won.  

How long have you pursued the hobby of making art?

I have enjoyed making art since I was in fourth grade at least.  I’ve always shown interest in sketching, painting, and other forms of creative art. Art is one of my favorite things to make, learn, and witness.

What advice would you give to students who are scared or nervous to enter the contest?

I would say go for it. Losing the contest isn’t going to affect you in any way, but when you win it will affect you. You will feel very accomplished that you did participate.

Have you ever participated in the Fine Arts Fiesta before? 

I have never participated in the Fine Arts Fiesta. I was always too scared to try because I didn’t think I would win anything, but I’m glad I did this year.

How would you describe the emotions you felt when you found out you won an honorable mention in the poster designing contest?

When I received an honorable mention from the Fine Arts Fiesta, I was very excited and proud.