Senior living care center reboot



Nanticoke Villa, a senior living care center that has sat vacant for the past few years after the closing of the building, is finally getting the reboot it needed. Over the course of the next few months, the building will either be fixed or torn down and rebuilt to house two new businesses.

WNEP has just released more information on the rebuilding/demolishing of the building and what will move into that area. The Nanticoke Villa Personal Care Center is hopefully the start of a change in the city. So far, this is the first empty building to be bought and redone on Main Street.

The two businesses that will take over the lot is the Nockley Family Pharmacy and Cawley Physical Therapy. It is uncertain at this time whether they will fix the building or if they will tear the building down and rebuild.

The renovation of this building is a part of an ongoing effort to bring new businesses to town.

Here is a link to a story done by WNEP