Trash free seas fundraiser



Every year, there are over 18 billion pounds—a quantity which increases ceaselessly and annually—of plastic entering the ocean, and this amount only continues to snowball each year. Every day, marine animals die of starvation by ingesting plastic or by suffocating by swimming into bags.

In order to try and bring down the amount of plastic that enters our ocean and kills our wildlife, a student at Nanticoke has decided to start a fundraiser which will run until April 24. There will be non-insulated bags, as well as insulated bags on sale. The insulated bags that will be sold can hold up to 30 soda cans. The non-insulated bags will be selling for $10; the insulated will be selling for $18, and you can order both for $25.

The funds that will be collected will then be donated to the Ocean Conservancy.

This fundraiser has been sent through all of the schools in the district, and we are hoping for a large outcome so we can try and help lower the amount of plastic in the ocean and save our wildlife.