‘On My Block’ Netflix series review



On My Block is a season series show on Netflix. The genre of this show is a coming of age fiction and also a comedy-drama. It first came out March 16, 2018 and now the series so far has two seasons. The second season had just recently come out on March 29, 2019.

The show is about a couple of street smart teenage high school students who are trying to survive their years of high school while dealing with drama, achievements and failures, pain and also the newness of many obstacles in their lives. The four main characters Monse, Jamal, Cesar, and Ruby are lifelong friends where their friendship gets tested among the days that go by because the problems they run into. Most of the obstacles they have to overcome and deal with are the adolescence in their life while being in a predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood in South Central, Los Angeles. In their friendship they had multiple problems, broken friendships and broken relationships in their group, but yet they understand and still remain friends. While encountering all these problems, they understand that sticking together and helping each other is the best thing they can do.