GNA students build display cases



GNA students helped to build two trophy cases throughout the 2018-2019 school year. As the year starts to come to a close, the display cases are being finished up and The GNA Insider had the chance to sit down with some of the students and ask them questions.

What inspired you to help with the trophy case project?

Zackery Pelton, grade 11: I wanted something that we could put our football trophy in because we will have many more.

Keeghan Kester, grade 12: I need a new project to work on and the school has too many trophies. It’s a win-win situation.

Tyler Bieble, grade 12: Mr. Fedorko wanted us to do more projects for the school. I like building and helping the school to the best of my ability.

Joshua Yaron, grade 11: I wanted to put my working skills to the test and see if I could build the trophy case with help.

Steve Stefanski, grade 11: I was inspired to build trophy cases because it puts my shop skills to the test. I also feel like its a good opportunity for me to be remembered for many years after I graduate.

How many years did you take shop class for?

Zackery: I have taken shop for three years.

Keeghan: I took shop for six years.

Tyler: I have taken shop at GNA for five years.

Joshua: I have been taking shop class for three years.

Steve: I took shop class for three years.

What did you learn from doing the trophy case project?

Zackery: I learned how to work as a team and solve problems together.

Keeghan: I learned along with others, to cut crown molding, but I also learned to work as a team as well as a leader.

Tyler: Learning how to pay attention to the fine details in woodworking.

Joshua: I learned how to apply the skills I have learned throughout the wood shop program.

Steve:  I didn’t really learn much more than I already knew about woodworking. It was more of a test of my skills than me learning anything new.

Is woodworking something you want to do for a career or hobby and why?

Zackery: I would like to do woodworking as a hobby rather than a career because it is so relaxing and doing it over and over every day would get boring. 

Keeghan: As much as I love woodworking, a career in woodworking takes a hard toll on your body. I would rather be in charge of designing plans for projects.

Tyler: I would rather do woodworking as a hobby than a career, but if I had to make it a career I absolutely would.

Joshua:  I would personally do woodworking as a career because its fun to see what you can build on your own and woodworking is also in high demand, so, people will buy your product if it looks amazing.

Steve:  I would do woodworking as a hobby because it is fun and useful in life.

Do you have any background in woodworking before taking the class?

Zackery: No, I do not have any previous experience in woodworking before taking woodshop.

Keeghan: Yes, my dad was a carpenter so he always taught me things here and there about his job.

Tyler:  Yes because my grandfather had worked with woodworking for a long time.

Joshua:  I did not have any woodworking background. Mr. Fedorko has helped me throughout my shop career so far and I learned as I went on throughout the years. 

Steve: I had some experience from helping my dad fix our rental properties which contain some woodworking.