Social media



Electronics have had a huge impact on teens throughout the country and the world. Students are not as focused on their academics as much as previously and are more concentrated on posting content, checking their social media accounts, or watching the newest television show—anything to get their mind off of doing what is most important. The rate of such ignorance keeps going up as the days go by, and many new electronics are being released in a short timeframe, making it harder and harder to limit the usage.

Many parents are worried about their children, and how much screen time is being allotted each day. Many people don’t communicate in person anymore: everything is through text! 10 years ago everything was very different. Nobody worried about who got the most “likes,” or who had the largest following on social media. Students are getting themselves in trouble for using their phones during class and other times and places where they are not permitted to. Parents have not been privy either, given that their children are adept at concealing their technology from them.

An additional effect of having all of these kinds of technology and social media accounts is that nobody ever takes time to go outside. Everyone is always inside on their phones, computers, or gaming systems—or watching television. This is all linked to sleeplessness and spikes in obesity. Students are always tired for school and tend to fall asleep in class or just skip altogether. 94% of teens go on social media sites daily, and 71% have more than one account.

Social media can be scary sometimes—with people posting demeaning content and bullying each other online, one can never know what might occur. Parents always need to check their children’s social media accounts and keep an eye on what they are posting. Teens always want to have the newest phone or the nicest, most expensive clothing, and they feel as if they will be bullied if they do not have access to such. Parents have been trying to stop their children’s use of it, but it has been very difficult though.

It has become an addiction to people, that can’t go five minutes without checking their phones or seeing what people posted. And not only teens, but it’s also affected adults lives too. There has been a negative effect on people, teens especially. They have seen incredible and unbelievable things on them, and parents still may have no idea.

Everyone should get out more, whether they’ll participate in a sport, go for a walk, hang out with friends, or whatever the case, it’d be better than sitting home on their phones, computers, gaming systems, or televisions all day. It would make them feel like an overall better person without the connection.