PJAS, short for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, is a statewide organization which was founded in 1934. The organization, which is designed to stimulate and promote interest in science among its members via the development of research projects and investigations, is open to students from 7-12 grade. Participants present their scientific findings in both a regional meet, where 12 different regions—each comprising two or more countries—host students separately, and (for those who qualify) a state meet at Penn State University. Regional competitions of 2019 occurred in January and February, and are being completed in March in certain regions. Each region has one or more directors and a treasurer who oversees the area’s operation, in addition to committees which are responsible for judging the presented works and awarding medals of recognition.

There are certain goals to be reached when participating in PJAS. They are:

• To promote greater participation in science and mathematics activities among the youth of Pennsylvania.

• To improve the quality of achievement in mathematics and science by encouraging students to participate in research and develop original ideas.

• To develop an understanding of the scientific community through close association with leaders in the sciences.

• To seek the improvement of science clubs activities through the cooperative regional and state meetings.

• To inculcate among its member’s true scientific attitudes and humanistic ideals that shall lead to the greater development of service to man.

The participants from Nanticoke who were 1st place are Mackenzie Hall (7th grade), Makayla MacBlain (8th grade), Jordan Lamb (8th grade), Abigail Marusak (10th grade), Gabe Jenceleski (11th grade), Gianna Donahue (10th grade), Kayla Eckrote (10th grade), Rebecca Ottensman (10th grade), Lexi Brink (9th grade), Steven Austin (10th grade), and Lance Jenson (11th grade). They will proceed to compete in the state gathering in May. The participants who got 2nd place are Atticus Warren-Minnick (8th grade), Carleigh Keene (11th grade), Calista Walk (11th grade), Meghan Dude (12th grade), and Alexandria Graham (10th grade).