2020 Spanish trip destination



Every year, Mrs. Kelchner and another teacher take a group of students on an international trip. Last year, Mrs. Kelchner was accompanied by Mrs. Marshall; due to the latter’s retirement in 2018, Mr. Fleury has taken over as the second chaperone for the undertaking. The voyage alternates in destinations year by year between a Spanish-speaking customs and one of more Anglican or otherwise European traditions.

The newly-announced 2020 destination is domestic (although by no means sparse in culture), taking place in Hawaii. It will provide many rare opportunities to explore the world’s biological and scientific diversity in a unique manner.

Mr. Fleury agreed to answer several questions about the upcoming experience:

Are you excited for the trip this year?

Absolutely! Hawaii looks like a beautiful place to visit. I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance.

What are some of the activities you will be doing, and what sights will you see?

We will be visiting a lot of amazing places like the rain forest, Volcanoes National Park, and Pearl Harbor. We will have an astronomy workshop and a luau. We will also go snorkeling and hiking.

How did you choose the destination?

There are so many great destinations to choose from, but after looking at the itinerary and video for Hawaii, we were sold!