Nanticoke welcomes new mayor

As the city continues to mourn the loss of late Mayor Rich Wiaterowski, Nanticoke welcomes a new mayor. Nanticoke councilwoman Nicole Colatosti-Mackiewicz was appointed the new mayor of the city—the first woman to take the position in the history of the municipality.

According to The Citizens’ Voice, Colatosti-Mackiewicz was not only was a councilwoman, but also a human resources director at the Guardian Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Newport Township. She continues to help the community as Mayor Wiaterowski did while in office. Colatosti-Mackiewicz wants to continue projects that Wiaterowski had started in his time as mayor, such as paving projects and the redevelopment of the city’s downtown.

“We did a lot of things together besides the political things in the town,” the new mayor stated in an interview with PAHomepage. “We had a great time, and I love every memory of it.”

She will be in office until the end of 2019, unless elected in November to finish Wiaterowski‘s term.