What your attitude can do to you

The attitude you have can affect the way that many people view you. If you have a bad attitude toward everyone, then you may lose a lot of friends easily. While in high school, it is not uncommon for students to have an attitude towards other students or staff members. Even though they might have an attitude outside of school, that does not mean they should bring it into the school every day. Often times, students have a bad attitude towards the staff in the school, which could lead to a lot of trouble if they continue to act as they do.

Students will often have an “I don’t care” attitude towards many things, which can transfer over to their school work. Some people do not realize until it is too late that the impressions they make will carry on as longĀ as someone knows them. These students will continue to not do work or will skip class in general which will make them not have a good impression from their teachers. Students who do not respect the faculty and constantly talk back to them will think they can get away with many things. Students who disrespect teachers normally think that they are invincible in the school since they do not like to follow the rules when in fact it is the exact opposite. The staff will crack down on these students more, and try to get them t0 see that they should act the correct way or there will be consequences.

If students have this attitude throughout high school and do not change their behavior they will run into problems after their high school years. When they go into the world and get a job if they give attitude to their boss they could get fired for not following the orders they were given to do, which will not be beneficial to them. This could also apply to them when they go to college as well. This will apply due to the fact that they need to be respectful to their professors, as well as the other members of the faculty at the school otherwise in an extreme case they could be taken out of the university. Over time their attitude could grow and this could also lead to them not being able to make new friends at college due to the fact that they have a bad attitude.

No matter what, someone should always have a nice attitude toward anyone they come in contact with since they do not know the type of day someone is having. If someone is having a bad day and someone is rude to them for no reason they could become even more upset and take their feelings out in a terrible way. Many times, if someone has a nice attitude toward everyone, they will get more opportunities in life seeing as more people will want to continue to talk to them seeing as they were nice during the conversations they had. Over time, the attitudes of students have continued to grow worse, but they can be changed if they have enough discipline.