Movie reviews: September 2018

This month, as school eases its way back into session, I’ve decided to write about movies that inspire people. Movies can take on any point of view if you allow your mind to explore the views of others because you can find a much deeper meaning within the movie itself.


Footloose (2011)

2 hours

This movie is about a young man named Ren MacCormack who decides to fight for his belief in public dancing. Although Wren faces many challenges such as loosing his mother and having to move to Bomont to only find out that rock music and dancing have been banned. Did you know that Footloose is based on a true story? This actually happened in Elmore City, Oklahoma. Dancing happened to be banned for 90 years when the event had happened until a group of teenagers decided to challenge the law. The main theme for this movie is that any law can be challenged if you have the proper reasoning. If you want to find out what happens to Ren and his friends challenging this, than I recommend watching it for yourself.


13 going on 30

1 hr. 38 min.

This movie is about Jenna Rink who thinks she wants to be “30 flirty and thriving,” due to her favorite magazine writing an article about how great being 30 is, but it isn’t all it cracks up to be for Jenna. As most girls in high school wish to be popular, Jenna goes beyond to try to gain popularity. Little does Jenna realize she could have one real friend instead of six fake ones. Jenna makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday to be “30 flirty and thriving,” but with every wish there is a consequence Jenna soon finds that out because she doesn’t remember most of her life turned out. The main theme in the movie is be careful what you wish for because you might regret it later.


The Little Rascals (1994)

1 hr. 28 min.

This is a movie about a group of neighborhood children. Although the male children have a group (He-Man women haters) that hate women, they realize that women are equal and have the same abilities as them. In the group they are not allowed to have girlfriends or interact with women, but Alfalfa goes against club rules and faces the consequences. Throughout the movie Alfalfa attempts to win back his true love, Darla, but his friends and Waldo in town are against him being with her and throw many obstacles in his way. The neighborhood bullies, Butch and Wiom, try to bully Alfalfa, but in the end Alfalfa stands up to them. They have a huge go-kart race and famous race car driver A.J. Ferguson is hosting the race, but little did the children know that A.J. Ferguson is a woman.



Million Dollar Baby (2004)

2 hr. 13 min.

Million Dollar baby is based on a true story about Maggie Fitzgerald, a determined young female boxer, whom was nicknamed “Mo Cuishle” meaning “my darling and blood” in Irish. Although Maggie is not a female boxer in the beginning,  she ends up being a boxer with her trainer, Frankie Dunn. Maggie is placed into many boxing matches, but her boxing career comes to a halting stop when another boxer makes a dirty move that leaves Maggie paralyzed. Watch the movie and find out what happens to Maggie Fitzgerald.